How to Make Your Website an Authority Site

Have you ever wondered why certain websites get extra coverage in Google in the search results? When there are extra links in the search results this is called an “authority site”. These sites are usually sites that have been online for quite some time, and have a lot of quality content. When you decide to make your website an authority site there are certain important aspects you should take care of. You have to clearly understand what is meant by an authority website and what the basic ingredients of authority site building process are. For instance one of the most important aspects of making your site an authority site is to get lots of unique quality content and have great link structure. Since the search engines will rank you on the basis of your content you should know how to build your content in your website.

You can make your website an authority site only with lots of hard work and planning. You must be trusted and your content must be very relevant and unique. You should also have a number of incoming links from other sites in the same niche with similar content from other established websites who have already acquired top search engine result positions with various search engines. In a nutshell, your site should be such that it would frequently referred and visited and highly trustworthy for the relevance of your particular content. When visitors will be willing to visit your website and others will refer cases to you having full confidence that they will get their desired authentic information from your site, you assume the authoritarian position on the web.

One of the most desired elements for creating authority website is to set up a carefully laid up plan with specific time line. You must regularly update the content on your website and they should never be stale or outdated. For this you will require a well designed strategy for content building and development. For instance if you can add around 20-25 link building articles and another 30-35 search engine optimization articles to your site in a quarter, it would be an ideal strategy for making your website an authority site. Both link building and search engine optimization are important for getting you the attention of search engines and obtaining desired page ranking on their result pages.

Thus it will be possible for you to design your website within a couple of quarters in such manner that it ranks on the search engine result pages for multiple terminologies as well as for specific competitive keywords. You have to be careful about your contents, composition, and the site architecture as well as the methods for getting the full benefits or all these factors.

While page ranking is important in its own way, it does not mean that you should necessarily have page ranking to become the authority website. Page ranking is a result of the on and off page optimization. If you can provide useful contents liked by the viewers, most part of your task is automatically accomplished. Those who visit your site will be coming back to you irrespective of your page ranking and new visitors will also visit you if the contents are relevant to their search. With useful contents, each word on your web pages could carry valuable links. They would turn out to be keywords and those searching for contents with such keywords will automatically be redirected to your web pages.

Major factors having impact in making authority site is the domain age and your tactical moves as well as the scope and range of your contents. You should also avoid the common mistakes committed by webmasters. Avoid having frames on your pages and never give useless or irrelevant titles. Avoid huge pages, gaudy colors; outdate contents, and multiple flash designs to save bandwidth. Contents should be balanced and navigation should be easy and facile so that the user is not irritated, has pleasant experience with your site and like to revisit it time and again.
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