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As part of your website promotion strategy, it is absolutely vital that you spend some time creating pages on the various web 2.0 sites. Not only can you get exposure for some of your affiliate offerings or products, but you can get powerful backlinks to your own sites, too.

Although this is currently one of the best little known SEO strategies, creating pages and posting content to these sites can be quite a time consuming affair.

Backlinks are very important. These days they’re arguably more important than on-page optimization. Backlinks from sites that are in the same niche as your site are weighed especially well, especially if those links are on pages with high PR. The more links from reputable sites that you can get, the better your page is likely to rank, especially if your on-page factors are also well optimized.

Here are some common ways of getting backlinks:

· Exchange links with other webmasters in the same niche.
· Offer to write exclusive articles for other webmasters in your niche in exchange for a link back to your site.
· Write to authority sites in your niche and ask for a link.
· Post comments on blogs that don’t have the “nofollow” tag on their links.

· Write articles and submit them to hundreds of article directories.
· Submit your pages to social bookmarking sites.
· Create and submit a press release about your site via PRWeb or another similar service.
· Post on high PR forums in your niche with a link in your signature.
· Create pages on various web 2.0 sites and link back to your site.

There is now software that makes the job of getting backlinks much easier. It works by helping you create dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of pages on web 2.0 sites that can promote your products and link back to your own sites and blogs.

Those thousands and thousands of links can eventually add up to a pretty decent PR, especially if there are just a few quality links thrown into the mix.

But a site with only 20 backlinks, all from very high-quality sites, and a PR of only 2 can feasibly outrank a site with 5,000 backlinks from low-quality sites and a PR of 7. This all has to do with the quality of the links. One high-quality link is worth 10 or even 100 very low quality links – no one knows for sure how Google calculates it.

Getting links from trusted domains can be very difficult. This is where web 2.0 marketing comes in handy. There are many of these web 2.0 sites that have a lot of trust built up with Google and other search engines.

The pages on these sites get indexed very quickly, and they tend to rank very high in Google once they gain trusted status. Not only do those pages rank well, but they can pass a lot of trust onto the sites that are linked from them.

If you’re not already using these strategies to promote your sites or products, then you are basically surrendering the high ground to your competitors. Creating and posting unique content on even just a dozen of these sites can literally take a whole day or even many days depending on whether you outsource your content.

It is still possible to do all this valuable work manually, but even better to use software that automates the task completely.
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