3 SEO Tips an SEO Company Should Use to Raise Ranking

Professionals at SEO company have countless technologies and strategies to implement in optimization of a website. However, in several times, these professional fail to add something extra that cause search engine spider to index those pages at the search result pages. As a result, site owners get deprived of the visibility and exposure they needed for bringing their target traffic and business to their sites. Since, search engine friendliness is the main factor that may lead a site get attracted by search engines, so the sites must conform to the standards and norms of them. Here are three simple and significant tips a SEO company should apply for optimum results of optimization.

First of all, a SEO company must pay attention to the layout of the web page as it plays a vital role in getting visitor of a site to generate interest in a site. When it is content and graphical aspect of a site both work in unison to attract a reader, then if the page layout is poorly drawn then, even a good content cannot engage a visitor to a site any longer. The layout must be compelling enough to make readers continue scrolling and navigating a site. The most important information must be placed on the top of a page and distribute the contents through bulleted lists, paragraphs, tables, bars etc. for making a site better readable.

Then, work on the size of the web page. Being a part of a SEO company, you should be aware importance of it in constructing or destructing business prospect of a site. Remember, pages under 32k take much lesser time in loading. Plan the file size of a web page that does not take more than 8 to 10 seconds to get loaded.

Thirdly, a SEO company must plan good navigational channel of a site as often a good web page remain unreachable by search engine spider due to poor navigation. Moreover, distance from a index page to a particular page is taken into account by search engines to index a web page, so work out accordingly. Make sure the navigational plans should be laid out to make each page easy to access. See that each web page mirror navigating structure and show at the top of each page.
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