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Those who are not familiar with SEO may be overwhelmed by the terminology, but it is a very effective business tool. SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and it refers to the ways you can improve your web site’s ranking in the results of search engines. The algorithms and the processes may vary from one search engine to the next, but you can use some of the same techniques in order to boost your rank.

SEO is not a perfect science, but there are general methods that will effectively boost the ranking of your site on the major search engines. Basically, relevance of your site content to a search for keywords will generally determine whether your site will appear on search results. When you are writing SEO content, keep in mind the specific keywords that people may search for, and reflect those keywords on your site.

This does not mean that you should pepper your site with over-used keywords. Search engines of today are very sophisticated, and they can detect unusually high keyword concentrations. They may omit sites in their listed results which have the keywords used excessively. So use keywords as you would in normal written “conversation”, and only where needed.

Some sellers also use hidden text, either successfully or not. It is generally accepted that many search engines can detect hidden text, and this may affect your site’s standing negatively. There are many conflicting views on this subject, however – it may work for you, but it may not.

Each of your pages has a title, and it’s usually named with something that is relevant to the information on the page. In this case, you can give the page a title with wording to the effect of improving your search engine ranking. This way, the keyword sentence then exists on the page.

Linking is also a factor in search ranks for Google, which is why sites including Squidoo and Ehow rank well, since those sites have many links from and to each page. Websites were originally thought of as islands, designed as such to keep visitors inside their own virtual world. But the nature of the terms “website” and “internet” actually suggest that web-rings and links are essential to the workings of the Internet.

To work with SEO to get your business website higher in search engine results, join as many sites and online communities as you have time to, and provide links back to your site wherever you can. Make sure that you read terms of use before you do link-backs, because some companies’ sites do not allow it.

You can also use back-linking to promote your business. Leave comments on blogs, sites or articles and include pertinent information for readers, and also information with links to your site. In this way you can help others while you help yourself. This type of strategy for linking also works with favorites, subscriptions and RSS feeds, or basically speaking, anything that will create a link between others and you. All that you will spend on SEO work is time, basically, so use these tips to generate more traffic to your site.
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