SEO Techniques Turn Your Site Into an Authority Site

Authority sites are trusted by visitors and search engines as providing reliable informative content. That trust translates into sales. Unfortunately authority sites don’t happen overnight. A well thought out Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plan involves several SEO techniques.

Two factors that impact how search engines determine the authority of a site are the domain age and the coding within the site.

Domain Age
Domains that are older are considered more authoritative than newer domains. An older site with the about the same number of backlinks, number of pages and relevant quality content will be ranked higher than a newer site of a similar nature.

The age of a domain begins when it can be seen online. Registering a domain but never uploading it as a website doesn’t cause the clock to start ticking. Buying an older established domain is possible.

Coding of the pages is important to search engine spiders. Most people think of the home page of a website as the most important page. However, each page should be optimized for the specific content on that page. Spiders don’t see the pages through browsers like humans do. Some html codes such as meta tags, titles, keywords, and description, which don’t show up in browsers, have an impact on the search engines’ indexing of the pages and the site.

Different keyword phrases should be used for each page, concentrating on one phrase for the page. For example: The keyword for a page within a weight loss site, could be “lose weight fast.” Other pages would be titled and named “quick weight loss,” “how to lose weight quickly,” “fast ways to lose weight,” and so forth. The keywords should be used in the html code in the meta title tags, description, in the first headline of the content and several times throughout the content.

Indexing is the listing or recognition of the page by the search engine. Engines crawl from one page to another. If a page has no incoming links it won’t be indexed. The incoming link can be from the site’s home page or from an external site.

The age of the domain can’t be controlled. Its age is determined by when it was first uploaded to the Internet. That factor can’t be manipulated. The age can be determined through The Way Back Machine, The coding of the site beyond the most productive usage of keywords is best left to programmers.

Correct coding and an aged domain are two SEO techniques that boost search engine rankings.
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