Top Search Engine Ranking Tips – Taking Advantage of Organic Opportunities to Increase Your Rankings

There are many schools of thought regarding top search engine ranking tips. Some marketers feel that the only way to increase rankings is to follow a prescribed path that will inevitably lead to profitable results. However, just as with all organisms, search engines are continuously evolving. A person must be adaptable and flexible to take advantage of the opportunities that arise.

There are two types of top SE rankings. A person may have their website listed in the top ten or twenty of a search engine. This may be accomplished by the investment of a paid placement on the search engine or through marketing strategies that provide the ranking.

However, when you do a search for any topic on a search engine, you will usually find somewhere at the very top of those rankings an article from an Internet zine. These publishers are placed at the top rankings in almost every incident above the guy that pays thousands of dollars for a ranking. There is a very good reason for this, and it is a tip that a person looking for top search engine ranking can use.

The author of that article has a website or blog. When a person interested in that topic reads the article, they will click on the website that is located in the resource box of the article. It is true that this person’s “website” is not ranked number one. But, in terms of visibility and traffic that is a number one slot.

The guidelines and policies for publishing articles with the high ranking zine publishers are very strict. They do not allow back links, HTML, etc., in the body of the article. There are humans reading every article and, when it sounds like spam, it doesn’t get published. The content must be relevant and relate to the title of the article. There are limitations on the density of keywords used in the article.

The search engines know that they can rely on the publishers to maintain a high standard of quality in their articles and so, the articles published are scanned very quickly by the bots and posted within a few days. This is an important tip for attaining ranking with search engines.

Quality content that is relevant to the topic of the website or web page will be helpful. However, visibility is the key to driving traffic. There are many excellent websites that do not have traffic. They have SEO, they have key word density, all of the bells and whistles. In some cases they have paid an exorbitant price for these extras. But, they do not have a steady stream of top ranking articles and videos that are giving them the visibility they need to drive traffic.
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