Guaranteed Top 10 Rankings in Google

Have your created content and uploaded it on your web pages, is it already indexed? Then, your next step should be towards optimization. Firstly, understand the optimization process, Search Engine Marketing services in order to enhance the ranking of your site.

How relevant is your key word, and how popular is it? We have to create sites which is rich in search engine key words, so that you get relevant traffic. The better the links to your site, better is your ranking. Have reciprocal links to your site and develop content which is relevant and with popular key words.

Although, seo experts normally target at Google, one has to use yahoo to get to the guaranteed top 10 ranking in Google too. The reason being, Google doesn’t show the inbound links clearly. Put simply, the better the links to your site, the more they’ll see you as being popular, and the more they’ll pull your site to the top of the results.

Look out for a related key word by doing a search for a broad, general and niche set of key words, sometimes long tail key phrases targeting at two three key words in one, will also help. Find out related “exact” keyword phrases that have 9 or fewer competing pages. Use relevant meta tags with key words that are prevalent in the content. Submission of your sites in different directory, also helps boost up your site.

Always compare the key words that your competitor has used. Research on your key words, will help you incorporate relevant key words. Jot down 5 key words you want to optimize your site for. Create a unique title, each title should include your chosen key words. Add description meta tags i.e META NAME = “DESCRIPTION” CONTENT = “IT SOLUTIONS provide IT support, solutions and consulting for small to medium businesses.

Create an account in Yahoo overture and Google advertising account, and target those key words which are popularly searched. Work out top 5 keywords, which people use to find your site. Resort to building link popularity which is also generally a part of the natural search engine optimization process. PPC Campaigns is another way to boost your rankings.

If you’ve got more time than you’ve got money, doing your own search engine marketing is likely best; however, if you’ve got more money than time, using professional search engine marketing services is probably for you. The second consideration is whether to master the learning curve so you can do your own search engine marketing, or to rely upon professionals to take care of it for you.
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