Social Media Optimization versus Search Engine Optimization

Whether you call it website promotion or search engine optimization or even internet marketing, it’s still important to ‘court the what, don’t marry the how’.

What do I mean by that?

Basically, that expression means to be concerned about *what* you are trying to achieve — more visitors to your website, say — rather than *how* you want to achieve it — a high ranking on Google.

For example, here are three websites that *can* help you promote your website and thus help you promote your business, online:

1) YouTube



The above sites are known as social networking sites or social bookmarking sites or even social media sites. Whatever they are known as, the most important thing about these types of sites (and these three sites in particular) is that they are some of the most visited websites in the world.

Notice I haven’t mentioned Google, until now that is:

4) Google Video.

I could also include:

MySpace, Technorati, Bloglines etc.

With the arrival of these social media sites, the website promotion game has changed.

Yes, website promotion — getting visitors to your website — is now much more than about ranking well on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN these days. It’s taking advantage of so-called social networking or bookmarking sites, and the high levels of visitors these sites receive.

Or, to use a fancy term: it’s about social media optimization.

What are the rules of this new game?

How does social media optimization work?

Well, with any new technology (and these sites are also known as examples of Web 2.0 sites) the rules are still being made up, and no one has all the answers.

But here are a few clues:

- (all 1 word)

And here are further reasons why you should take these social media sites seriously:


Some think that Web 2.0 websites or social media sites will not be around for long. Others think that social media optimization will become as important as search engine Optimization. The important thing, right now, is to understand how you can best utilise these high traffic websites in promoting your website.

So, the time to embrace social networking sites is now.

Don’t ignore search engine optimization, but do find out how your business or website can use social media Optimization, before it’s too late.
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