On Page SEO Vs Off Page SEO – The Basics

Improving your rankings on search results on different search engines depends entirely on how you want to organize your marketing attempts. You can make the most vital difference to it only through search engine optimization though. For those who have experimented with search engine optimization would know how important the basics are. And the basics involve both on page and off page. Question is how different are these two from one another and how they team up to get your site right up there.

Making it simple, on page SEO deals with making your web pages easily readable to the ‘spiders’ that crawl through them. Optimizing your sites by providing good content, excellent keywords, the right tags and an easy sitemap are a few things on page SEO actively deals with. Off page SEO on the other hand revolves around activities that a webmaster needs to concentrate on before he launches his site. Experimenting and zeroing in on the right keywords, incorporating keywords into important links are typically off page tactics.

Most webmasters find it difficult to ascertain which one of the two SEO tools they should use. Would on page optimization work better than off page optimization or vice versa? Well it depends much on the age of your site. In case your site is absolutely new, you need to find ways and means to optimize your site undertaking on page techniques. The situation reverses for sites that have been around for some time. Such sites are expected to have a decent standard as far as content and site structure goes. Since basics are taken care of on older sites, they could go a long way armed with off page SEO.

Launching a new site and making it popular can be difficult. The most basic on page SEO technique is to provide good content. This should be something that not only your readers would find informative but also search engine spiders. This would make it easier for the latter to index your site. Include FAQ’s and incorporate forums and blogs into your content building exercise. Once you’re done with this, concentrate on off page by increasing external links. The best way to do this is by making your site a part of the major directories.

Your site may not necessarily be a new one. If it’s already a few years old you can take it for granted that basics of on page have been fulfilled. Now is your time to concentrate on off page SEO. You need to make sure other sites find yours useful and hence link their site to yours. Remember inbound linking does not mean you need to link to their sites as well. Another good way of optimizing off site is to submit articles in the right directories. All directories bless authors with a resource box. Over here not only can you display your name but also give a link to your site.

In most cases on page and off page SEO tools come to use singularly but then if you opt for a combination of the two you can always hope to be in a win- win situation.
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