SEM Traffic – Stand in the Place Where You Are

Think about direction wonder why you have not before…

You have some advantages in your location, almost wherever you are. Here are some quick tips on how you can use your location to build links and get more traffic:

• There are often local directories that only allow local business to list. Check out every one you can in your area and list your business on their website. If you work from home and do not want your physical address exposed, rent a PO box in your neighborhood and use that. It’s your web address you really want listed anyway.

• If you have a business store front advertise your web site where people can see it.

• Visit local businesses in your area that have web sites and ask them to list your url on their home page or web site. Since you are local this is an easy and inexpensive way to approach people in person. A smile and handshake can go much further toward getting something than an email.

• Are you listed with map services? Letting people know where you are can get you more inbound links; How easy is that! There are several online map services: MapQuest, Google maps, Yahoo maps, and Bing maps. Google maps allows you to enter information about your business for your listing.

• Sponsor a local event and have then print your web site url on their program, tickets, or a banner.

• Sponsor a local sports team and print your web site address on their jerseys.
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