Steps to Get Golf Sponsorship

Young golf professionals the world over are on the prowl for sponsorships in an attempt to graduate from the local golf tours to the main tours. However, finding sponsorship is not easy and more often than not these amateur golf pros end up just playing their local tours due to lack of funding.

There are golf sponsorship companies that act as a bridge between the main sponsors and the amateur golfers. These companies work as the negotiator and on commission basis (there are other fees etc) to ensure that the young and upcoming golfer can get sponsorship. On the other hand, golf sponsorship can also mean getting financial assistance from a company to organize a Pro-am tournament and bear the expenses. Golf sponsorship is increasing being looked upon an effective method to create brand awareness and well as make new customers.

Sponsorship in golf is basically two-fold: one is sponsorship of the sport and the other is sponsoring the amateur golfers and their equipments. Both these types of sponsorships cater to a global audience. Sponsoring a golfer involves bearing the expenses for the equipment he/she uses, the various sporting goods used, and contract fees, besides offering the golfer incentives based on his/her performance. This reward program motivates the golfer to perform better as well as offers the company a unique long-term profitable investment. Of course, since golf is becoming a global sport and drawing crowds everywhere now, there is a lot that sponsors can derive of this investment.

Right now we’ll just look at the steps that are required by an upcoming, talented golfer to get sponsorship and make a leap into his professional golfing career.

• Every sponsor wants to sponsor only such a golfer who (they believe) has the potential to become a Tiger Woods or Greg Norman. Only when players become stars does the sponsor reap profits from his/her investment in that player. If you believe that you have what it takes to become a Woods or Norman, you need to be prepared to prove this. You can prove your talent by playing your best golf when the sponsor come visiting, to observe your game.

• Impressing them by your game is the easy part. Impressing the sponsor with your attitude is another thing altogether. The sponsor would like to see that you are serious and focused about your sport and would give it your best. After all, they’d like to be completely certain so that their investment is a profitable one.

• It’s best for you to seek the services of a company that get you sponsors. There are many golf sponsorship companies who work as a bridge between the player and the sponsors. Such companies, as mentioned earlier, work on a commission basis.

• If you get lucky to find sponsors, you’ll have to sign a 3-year or 5-year contract with them. You must read the clauses of the contract carefully. If need be, get an attorney to go through it with a magnifying glass. Typically the contract should state that about 5% (more or less) of your course earning for the next 3/5 years will be shared with the sponsors, who in return will take care of your travelling, equipment, and other expenses.
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