Twitter For SEO – How to Use Twitter Marketing to Become the Authority in Your Niche Through SEO

Search engine marketers have always wondered if its possible to use Twitter for SEO. I have accidentally stumbled across a surprising to use Twitter marketing to get on the first page of Google really quickly.

A few weeks ago, I was searching for the keyword phrases I was using search engine optimization to drive to the Google front page, to my surprise, both my Twitter account and my tweets were on the front page for both competitive and long tail keywords.

Astounded, I reverse engineered the process. Now… I’m pulling back the curtain to reveal to you the astounding SEO power of Twitter.

As you probably know, Twitter’s links are NoFollow, and as a result, they’re practically useless for link building. However, because they’re such high PageRank, they can get on the front page of the SERPS just with a few backlinks.

This is the simple 3 step strategy to harness Twitter for SEO:

1) Identify your keyword phrases and use them extensively in your tweets.

2) Create backlinks to your Twitter account and your keyword-optimized tweets through either social bookmarking, Web 2.0 or article marketing.

3) Wait for a few days to see your Twitter account and tweets dominating your niche when your keyword phrases get on the front page.Imagine… when someone types your niche’s related keyword phrase, they find your Twitter account on Google’s first page. This is the single best way to credentialize yourself as an expert and as well as putting your personal branding on steroids.

This is a little-known though powerful way to generate near instant website traffic. Use Twitter for SEO and be the authority in your niche with very little effort.  
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