Formatting Backlinks For Search Engine Optimization

Think of links as votes for your page! Search engines are just computers, they might be great at reading and indexing pages but they don’t actually understand them (not yet anyway!!!)

In order to decide on the quality of a page, search engines look at what other sites link to it. For example, if page A links to page B, and Google already ranks page A as an authority on a subject, it will count that link as a vote for B and award it a little extra authority too!

Two important things to remember when it comes to links. Firstly, not all links are equal. A single link from a well ranking authority site is much more powerful than many links from sites which don’t hold as much weight with the search engines. Secondly, the anchor text of the link is important. For example, a link such as: Click to learn web design with the words “web design” as anchor text, is much more valuable than with “click here” as the clickable link.

The reason being that the anchor text in the first example is relevant, and will help the page being linked to rank better for that term, while the second is not descriptive (unless you are trying to rank for the key term ‘click here’!)

Now as I said before, there really is an awful lot more to be said on the subject of SEO, but if you concentrate on backlinks with proper anchor text you’ll already be streets ahead of the competition.

Guaranteed Top 10 Rankings in Google

Have your created content and uploaded it on your web pages, is it already indexed? Then, your next step should be towards optimization. Firstly, understand the optimization process, Search Engine Marketing services in order to enhance the ranking of your site.

How relevant is your key word, and how popular is it? We have to create sites which is rich in search engine key words, so that you get relevant traffic. The better the links to your site, better is your ranking. Have reciprocal links to your site and develop content which is relevant and with popular key words.

Although, seo experts normally target at Google, one has to use yahoo to get to the guaranteed top 10 ranking in Google too. The reason being, Google doesn’t show the inbound links clearly. Put simply, the better the links to your site, the more they’ll see you as being popular, and the more they’ll pull your site to the top of the results.

Look out for a related key word by doing a search for a broad, general and niche set of key words, sometimes long tail key phrases targeting at two three key words in one, will also help. Find out related “exact” keyword phrases that have 9 or fewer competing pages. Use relevant meta tags with key words that are prevalent in the content. Submission of your sites in different directory, also helps boost up your site.

Always compare the key words that your competitor has used. Research on your key words, will help you incorporate relevant key words. Jot down 5 key words you want to optimize your site for. Create a unique title, each title should include your chosen key words. Add description meta tags i.e META NAME = “DESCRIPTION” CONTENT = “IT SOLUTIONS provide IT support, solutions and consulting for small to medium businesses.

Create an account in Yahoo overture and Google advertising account, and target those key words which are popularly searched. Work out top 5 keywords, which people use to find your site. Resort to building link popularity which is also generally a part of the natural search engine optimization process. PPC Campaigns is another way to boost your rankings.

If you’ve got more time than you’ve got money, doing your own search engine marketing is likely best; however, if you’ve got more money than time, using professional search engine marketing services is probably for you. The second consideration is whether to master the learning curve so you can do your own search engine marketing, or to rely upon professionals to take care of it for you.
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Social Media Optimization versus Search Engine Optimization

Whether you call it website promotion or search engine optimization or even internet marketing, it’s still important to ‘court the what, don’t marry the how’.

What do I mean by that?

Basically, that expression means to be concerned about *what* you are trying to achieve — more visitors to your website, say — rather than *how* you want to achieve it — a high ranking on Google.

For example, here are three websites that *can* help you promote your website and thus help you promote your business, online:

1) YouTube



The above sites are known as social networking sites or social bookmarking sites or even social media sites. Whatever they are known as, the most important thing about these types of sites (and these three sites in particular) is that they are some of the most visited websites in the world.

Notice I haven’t mentioned Google, until now that is:

4) Google Video.

I could also include:

MySpace, Technorati, Bloglines etc.

With the arrival of these social media sites, the website promotion game has changed.

Yes, website promotion — getting visitors to your website — is now much more than about ranking well on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN these days. It’s taking advantage of so-called social networking or bookmarking sites, and the high levels of visitors these sites receive.

Or, to use a fancy term: it’s about social media optimization.

What are the rules of this new game?

How does social media optimization work?

Well, with any new technology (and these sites are also known as examples of Web 2.0 sites) the rules are still being made up, and no one has all the answers.

But here are a few clues:

- (all 1 word)

And here are further reasons why you should take these social media sites seriously:


Some think that Web 2.0 websites or social media sites will not be around for long. Others think that social media optimization will become as important as search engine Optimization. The important thing, right now, is to understand how you can best utilise these high traffic websites in promoting your website.

So, the time to embrace social networking sites is now.

Don’t ignore search engine optimization, but do find out how your business or website can use social media Optimization, before it’s too late.
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SEO Versus Pay Per Click Advertising

In the world of modern business, the key to success is getting your product seen and understood by your target audience. Simple numbers don’t always accomplish the goal – it doesn’t matter how many millions of vegetarians see your commercial for Grade-A double-plus chuck steak, after all. The key is advertising to a targeted audience, the ones who need or at least want the goods or service being offered. The best way to accomplish this goal of course will vary among different media, however, having a target market strategy is a must on the Internet.

In particular, the Internet has embraced this truth and virtually exploded with a variety of means toward the end of successful, specific advertising. Internet advertising campaigns range from the obvious and the notorious (tasteful banner advertising versus badly-worded spam emails) to the clever and the outrageous (Amazon’s ‘Still not big enough’ television campaign from the late 90s, and Halo 2’s legendary ‘I Heart Bees’ viral marketing alternate reality game).

Obviously, some of these efforts are more successful than others, and some are successful in all the wrong ways. The exiled Nigerian prince who wants to share his vast wealth with lucky, lucky you has become a pop-culture meme and in-joke, practically an obligatory reference in any discussion of modern marketing or Internet spam.

However, a great deal of web advertising is quite a bit less flashy than the aforementioned efforts, yet is seen by every user who runs a request through a search engine. When engines return a search, they generally include two sections in the result. The first is the target of the search itself, which is the Organic SEO result, the second is a series of advertisements off to the side of or above the organic result, known as Pay Per Click advertisements.


For those who don’t know what SEO is, this acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization. In short and simple terms, every search engine provides results based on a series of criteria, generally keyword and content related. The engine compares the search request to its index of websites and their descriptions, and provides the most relevant answers it can, ranked in order of precedence.

The first sites to come up are the most closely related to the search terms as the engine understands them. This is why different engines may rank sites differently – Yahoo, Google and Bing have different indexing and keyword criteria, so their responses to a particular search may vary. It is termed Organic SEO because the results are returned organically, or naturally – there is no external interference or override changing the results, they simply return per the standard operating practices of the search engine.

Organic SEO has the advantage of having no inherent costs associated with it. Proper search engines don’t charge businesses for their ranking in the list, so the only required investment is building a noteworthy site that generates the traffic and keyword results that will bring a high ranking. The downside is that it requires a great deal of research to properly take advantage of this strategy. Craigslist alone abounds with writing jobs catering to experienced SEO writers, and entire websites exist discussing the ins and outs of the practice. In addition, it relies entirely on users searching for terms that relate to your site, leaving the situation far less in your business’s hands than some owners may be comfortable with.


In pay per click advertising, businesses contact a search engine and bid on certain keywords they feel are particularly relevant to their website. For example, a company making horse saddles might bid on keywords pertaining to horses, riding events, and saddles. Then, when someone searches these terms, the search engine provides a link to this business in the form of a pay per click advertisement. The name pay per click comes from the fact that the company must pay the website a fee every time a user clicks the advertisement.

Pay per click advertising is attractive because it increases the odds of really snagging a targeted audience. Rather than having one result possibly come up in a search, there’s another result just off to the side, increasing the chances of gaining user attention. On the flip side, PPC can quickly become a cost burden. Every single click must be paid for, and there’s no guarantee that every click will result in a sale, meaning costs could skyrocket before a business is prepared to deal with them.

Making the Choice

Often times, the best choice is to strike a balanced approach between SEO and PPC style advertising. Just where that balance lies depends entirely on the business in question. The savvy web advertiser will carefully consider keyword popularity before choosing a PPC campaign, and perhaps even set aside an actual budget to account for those users who will click through but are not looking to buy.

Additionally, there are literally thousands of experienced SEO writers available for employ at inexpensive rates for short term work, meaning the organic SEO standing of a page can be improved with relatively little investment. As ever, the keys are research and understanding, both of the target audience and the means with which you intend to reach them.
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How Helpful Search Engine Optimization Can Be To Businesses?

Have you heard about search engine optimization? Do you believe that it can help investors and business people to earn more?

Well nowadays it’s a big question if business professionals and investors should bother to optimize their businesses in high-ranking search engines. Business professionals and investors are confused if these search engine optimization will help them do more in their business or just simply fail them.

Well we know that once you’re an investor you want to make sure that when you’re investing a capital you want to earn more or double your earnings. It’s certainly a reality that in business there’s always a risk. Be thankful if you win but if you fail that doesn’t mean you have to stop.

In a business in order for it to grow and expand there’s a lot of learning and realizations to do. You should know the dos’ and don’ts in handling a business. In a business if you want to be popular you must know how to promote it. It simply means that you must sort in to advertising.

Nowadays since most people are into using the Internet it’s better that you optimize your site in high-ranking search engines. I know its kind of hard to decide for there’s still a fear that you might lose instead of winning.

There’s a huge advantage for you and your business optimizing in high-ranking search engines. A lot of people all over the world will get the chance to view your site and through these visitors you’ll probably get some potential buyers. Most businesses today do have their own links or websites where you could easily access when you have questions or queries. If you will notice most clients today prefer to visit websites of certain companies when they want to know about the companies’ profile. It saves time and effort for clients.

Many investors are still wondering if this so called search engine optimization will really help you to gain more profit in your business. Well here’s a story of a doctor who tried his luck in optimizing his clinic through search engines.

Dr. Randall Bolar is a resident of Georgetown Kentucky. Dr. Polar performs different surgeries like gastric bypass surgery on patients who are morbidly obese to be able for them to lose weight.

Dr. Bolar owns a small clinic in their place. But is not earning much for it lacks promotion. So he decided to optimize his site and let it handled by the Web designers.

According to Dr. Bolar testimonies since he had indulge in the search engine optimization he gain more patients. Before he usually gets 2 to 4 patients a week through their website but now that they are optimized with the so called search engine optimization he jumped to a large number of 50 to 70 patients a week. All these patients had just visited his site. He even experienced of having patients from far places, which would take the patient a 7 hours drive before he gets into his clinic. Dr. Bolar was so happy with the results and never neglected of indulging into search engine optimization. Now from a small clinic Dr. Bolar owns one of the most popular surgical institutions in Kentucky known as the Bariatic Institute Of Kentucky.

So to all the investors out there remember that in all business there is a risk. So why not try using search engine optimization it might work for you.
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Houston Search Engine Optimization

Why and How Businesses Invest in Internet Marketing

Search engine optimization, or SEO, of your business website is the number one method of marketing your business on the internet. SEO is the specialized marketing efforts that are designed to increase a website’s rank in search engines for specific search terms (knows as keywords). When potential clients and customers search for these keywords, it’s imperative that your website shows up at the top of the search engine results to insure that this target market clicks on your website link.

If your website is buried on page 4 or deeper in search engine results for the terms that could be driving massive amounts of potential customers to your website, you are missing out on untold sales and leads. Over 65% of internet shoppers use search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Live (formerly MSN) to find websites that they will do business with. It’s a no-brainer that your business is missing out on cash if you are not at the top of search engines for keywords that your target market is using.

Internet Marketing: The Full Picture

SEO is Only the Beginning

The majority of search engine optimization companies focus entirely on the premise of “top search results equal top sales.” This is really not true because search results are only the very beginning of a potential customer’s journey. The truth is that, like you probably do, the potential customers who do find your website at the top of search engines are likely to visit several of the top websites that they are shown by search engines. This means that not only do you need to have great search engine placement, but your website still must compete with the other top ranking websites. The dirty truth that most search engine optimization companies don’t want you to know is that top search results are not enough.

Maximizing Customer Experience for Optimal Sales

Let’s face it: Some websites focus primarily on top search results, some focus primarily on design, and others focus mainly on delivering quality products and services and a top notch customer experience. If your website is lacking in one of these areas, it’s going to lose business to the websites that are at the head of the game in these areas.

When choosing your Houston search engine optimization [] company, take into account more than their ability to increase your search rank. Talk to them at length about your business, your products or services, and be sure they understand your target market and your business vision. The best internet marketing company to invest in for optimal website marketing results is the one that understands that online marketing involves numerous aspects, including search rank and a top notch customer experience.
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The Need For Search Engine Optimization

Why have you created a website on the World Wide Web? Is it solely for the staff of your company to see or just your family and friends to see? I am sure there are far more specific motives for the creation of your website.

If it is a business website, then you would want potential customers to find it. If it is an informative website, then too, you would want users to find it easily. Now, the internet is very different from the offline world. In the offline world, advertising and marketing rule the roost.

A quality advertising campaign is one of the mainstays of your business plan. That means, you take your business to customers and they are more than happy to do business with you. But in the online world, it’s all about natural results. Think about it. How many times did you click on sponsored results in the last five times that you used a search engine to find something?

The first preference always goes to the natural results that come up in the search engine results pages. That’s what search engine optimization can provide you with.

Search engine optimization also known as SEO is a set of tools and techniques which can be used to modify your website, so that it gets listed on the top in search engine results pages.

Why search engine Optimization?

Users will find your website naturally using search engines. This means that the traffic that comes to your website will be highly targeted and will convert into business. If you want a continual flow of passive traffic to your website, then search engine optimization is the only way to achieve it.

While other forms of web marketing are expensive and only provide temporary results, search engine optimization(seo) will help you convert your website into a brand name in the global internet marketplace.
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Unknown Search Engine Optimization Tips to Get Your Site Ranking High in Search Engines!

Want some search engine optimization tips that will help boost your sites traffic? Of course you do! If you’ve got a website, you know how difficult it is to get it off the ground and gain valuable search engine traffic.

It takes a lot of mental strength to keep working on your website despite the fact that traffic is no where near what you expected. Because of that, many people give up on their site months after its creation.

The key is to keep telling yourself that one of the most important aspects of a search engines algorithm is the sites age. So until your site is old enough, you shouldn’t give up. Even if you’ve done all other necessary SEO methods perfectly, your site may still be hindered by its age.

Until your site has aged appropriately, you can use the following tips that have gone unnoticed by many claimed experts in the field. They should help drive some traffic to your site regardless of whether or not your page is aged.

1. Make sure that your posts are controversial or demand attention – that way you’ll achieve viral marketing which will have people spreading the word about your post and commenting on it.

2. Find out what are some of the most talked about topics on a particular social media network and then write your own version of that topic and submit it to a different social media network – the people on social media networks are generally looking for or are attracted to the same topics so being the first on a network to post about a topic will get you a lot of attention and traffic.

Simple and Quick: These tips are simple to do and quick to implement but they’ve worked over and over for many SEO experts.
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Global SEO Strategies for International SEO

For many international brands, global Search engine optimization remains a
virtually untapped arena. According to Oban Multilingual, 70% of internet search
queries are not in English.

Despite the many SEO blogs I subscribe to, I see very little information
posted on global SEO strategies. Below I’ve gathered some of the
international SEO best practices and tips for global search engine optimization.

1. Use Local Domain Extensions: The most effective strategy for
international SEO is the most obvious one. If you’re trying to optimize for and your domain has a .ca extension, you have a great advantage
(though it’s still very possible without one.) In addition to the domain
extension, Google probably looks at the IP address location of your server to
determine the geographical relevance of your site.

2. Translation Isn’t Enough: Many assume that a word-for-word Google
translation of existing website content will result in high rankings on
international SERPs. Those of use who’ve ever read a word-for-word translation
from another language to English realize this isn’t a good idea. You may get
into the SERPs, but your odds of converting the visitor and slim to none.

3. Get Links from international domains: If your site contains a good
diversity of incoming links from many domain extensions (, .ca, .fr, etc),
Google will begin to notice your site on the non-US versions of Google.

4. Links to international domains: While I’m not sure if this will
really improve rankings, it at least shows you’re participating in a global
community by linking to international sources.

5. Keyword + Country Landing Pages: I’ve found searchers sometimes do
a keyword search and append their country name to it. (e.g. “ipods uk”) By
optimizing a landing page for this combination, you can begin ranking for the

6. Do International Keyword Research: It doesn’t make sense to get
your keyword suggestions and counts from keyword tools only showing US results.
Aaron Wall’s International SEO keyword tool allows you to get keyword data from
15 different countries.

7. Know the Local Lingo: Anyone who has traveled to another English
speaking country knows there are significant differences in local lingo. For
example, one of my clients discovered that “shop” is more frequently used than
“store.” in many European countries.

8. Consider Local Search Engines: Google doesn’t exactly rule the
entire world of search….yet. While its still the number #1 engine
internationally, local engines such as Voila in France, Ansearch in Australia,
or Yandex in Russia are very popular. If you’re targeting a certain local
audience, it pays to understand the algorithms of other engines besides Google.

The internet is making the world a smaller place. In the future,
forward-thinking companies will begin to capitalize on world-wide search
traffic, not just from their own country.
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Top Search Engine Ranking Tips – Taking Advantage of Organic Opportunities to Increase Your Rankings

There are many schools of thought regarding top search engine ranking tips. Some marketers feel that the only way to increase rankings is to follow a prescribed path that will inevitably lead to profitable results. However, just as with all organisms, search engines are continuously evolving. A person must be adaptable and flexible to take advantage of the opportunities that arise.

There are two types of top SE rankings. A person may have their website listed in the top ten or twenty of a search engine. This may be accomplished by the investment of a paid placement on the search engine or through marketing strategies that provide the ranking.

However, when you do a search for any topic on a search engine, you will usually find somewhere at the very top of those rankings an article from an Internet zine. These publishers are placed at the top rankings in almost every incident above the guy that pays thousands of dollars for a ranking. There is a very good reason for this, and it is a tip that a person looking for top search engine ranking can use.

The author of that article has a website or blog. When a person interested in that topic reads the article, they will click on the website that is located in the resource box of the article. It is true that this person’s “website” is not ranked number one. But, in terms of visibility and traffic that is a number one slot.

The guidelines and policies for publishing articles with the high ranking zine publishers are very strict. They do not allow back links, HTML, etc., in the body of the article. There are humans reading every article and, when it sounds like spam, it doesn’t get published. The content must be relevant and relate to the title of the article. There are limitations on the density of keywords used in the article.

The search engines know that they can rely on the publishers to maintain a high standard of quality in their articles and so, the articles published are scanned very quickly by the bots and posted within a few days. This is an important tip for attaining ranking with search engines.

Quality content that is relevant to the topic of the website or web page will be helpful. However, visibility is the key to driving traffic. There are many excellent websites that do not have traffic. They have SEO, they have key word density, all of the bells and whistles. In some cases they have paid an exorbitant price for these extras. But, they do not have a steady stream of top ranking articles and videos that are giving them the visibility they need to drive traffic.
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