Importance of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is the kind of marketing to optimize your website, submit your website to directories, get your website indexed by search engines, write and distribute optimized and informative articles as well as press releases. Optimizing your site is the first step which is most important to start this campaign. If your website is new or your keywords are highly competitive then it will take enough time to achieve top ranking in the search results.

Therefore, Search Engine Marketing is the only solutions for your needs and goals and an effective way to generate traffic to your site.

Importance of SEM:

SEM is a technique that has worked well for business owners those who want to increase their online visibility via the SERPs. This technique is the combination of many techniques and the customers who are after your products or services will find you much easier if this technique used effectively. It is true that around 90% of all website traffic is generated from Google, Bing and Yahoo. That’s why each internet based business owner is now so engulfed with optimization as well as marketing their sites for search engine traffic.

Solutions of SEM:

• Google Top 10 Ranking
• Internet Marketing Solutions
• Search Engine Optimization
• Link Building
• PPC Management
• Outsource SEO Services

Services of SEM:

• Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
• Bookmarking
• Blog Comments
• Forum
• RSS Feeds
• Viral Marketing
• Banner ads
• Google Maps
• Yahoo! Maps
• Bing
• Classified advertisement
• e-mail marketing

So, I hope now you understand the importance of this campaign for your business.
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SEM – SEO Consulting For Local Businesses? Here Are a Few Don’ts

Internet Marketing skills can be very valuable to local, brick-and-mortar businesses. If a local business owner wants to develop an effective Web presence, but doesn’t know how, you could be the answer to his or her prayers.

The key is to avoid some basic mistakes that “IM” types tend to make when first approaching businesses in their locale:

Don’t expect a sale the first time you talk to a business owner. You need to develop some rapport. After all, you’re a consultant, not a “salesman”. Steer clear of having a “package” of services that you tout almost immediately. Don’t make the newbie mistake of having solutions in search of problems. Find out what the problem is first. Don’t think that you’re wasting your time if the owner wants to talk at length about his or her business. You’ll be able to mine nuggets of information from this kind of freewheeling talk. Avoid using “IM” speak. The jargon, catchwords and methods you know so well are going to be foreign to practically all local business owners. Ever try to explain what you do online to your friends and family? It’s even worse with a business owner whose eyes just glazed over! Don’t forget to ask for a referral, even if you can’t help this particular business. Some folks just don’t have the need for an online presence. However, they may be the type who talk frequently with other business owners. Make sure they think you are remarkable – and remark about you frequently! Don’t badmouth their website, no matter how horrible it is! Once you open a dialogue about their Web presence, you can find tactful ways to explain how a clean, simple, attractive Web page will do more for the business than the one that’s up there. Keep in mind, a family member or friend may have done the work. Don’t insult that person!

Here’s one simple “do” — find out how this person got into business and be genuinely interested in the answer. This will lead to understanding the business’s sales process, business plan, most profitable merchandise/services, any underused capacity and what causes the most aggravation.

In fact, that’s the biggest “don’t”. Don’t promote that which causes aggravation for the owner!

Learn to view your efforts as a local business consultant as a process, not a series of one-and-done sales. You’ll be glad you did!
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Unlock The Secrets To Dominating The Search Engines

Do you get enough traffic to your website? Indeed this is a
very important question. The main reason being that traffic
is the lifeblood of your business. Without it you are
unlikely to succeed. I am going to go through some
strategies that will help you to get lots of free traffic
from search engines like Google.

After you have developed your website submit it to
authority directory websites. The two main ones are Yahoo
and Open Directory. The main benefit is that Google usually
puts new websites into a sandbox. By having a listing in
these directories you will be released from the sandbox
much quicker. Some other directory websites that will help
your rankings are Best Of The Web, Gimpsy and Joeant.

Continually post to popular forums in your niche market.
The main reason for this is that popular websites have very
good page rank and these links from your signature in your
forum posts will help your rankings.

You can get about twenty reciprocal link partners who have
sites in the same niche market as you to link to you. Look for
compatible websites and email the webmasters asking for
links. Only choose good ones related to your site. If you
overdo this then you may get penalized by the search
engines. Also if you get unrelated links to your theme you
will hurt your search engine rankings.

Write articles and submit them to the major article
directories. This will have the benefit of improving your
link popularity and the articles will be viral in nature as
more publishers pick them up and publish to their websites
resulting in more links for your website and consequently
improving your search engine rankings.

You can also add a blog to your website. Google loves fresh
content and will index your website for a lot of long tail
keywords resulting in a huge amount of free traffic.
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Google Rankings — Achieve Top 10 Rankings with Free Tools

In order to get a top 10 google ranking it is imperative to not only know how to use the resources that are available to us, but to also know what to do with them. The key is always to find out what tools are the ones to use. In my experience, there are two tools I use almost daily to help my sites achieve top 10 rankings.

1. is an incredible tool that every webmaster should consult. Now, because Google rankings fluctuate multiple times a day, the site is sometimes a couple hours delayed, however it provides a great resource in quickly finding how your competitors stack up against your website. Not only that but you can use different key words in conjunction with a website to see how they rank. Incredibly useful in determining which key words should be used in your content and advertising.
As an example, if you were to decide on using a specific keyword phrase. Type in that key word into, along with your competitor’s website, and you will see how they rank in regards to that specific phrase and/or word in Google. This will allow you to specifically pinpoint which phrases and/or keywords your competitors rank low in, which you will in turn begin to focus your attention on.

2. Google Suggest is used to determine the frequency of various key word searches.
As discussed before, not only is it important to find out how your competitors rank for a certain term in Google, but it is also perhaps even more important to find out how many times that specific phrase has been searched for. Google Suggest Beta is the perfect answer for this problem. Just type in a few words and it will immediately display multiple results for that specific term, and variations of it.

***Hint*** Remember, it is not always necessary to have a top 10 listing for the most popular searched phrase. Just imagine the potential of having 5 top listings for keywords that are not quite as popular. Not only will it be easier to achieve a top 10 listing, but while all your competitors fight over 1-3 key words, you are capitalizing on all the others. In the end this will mean a literal financial windfall depending on your product, etc.
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Domain Trust Factors Are Identified to Help Webmasters Achieve a High Domain Rank

Elements Necessary In Order to Achieve Domain Trust

Organic search results, or natural search results, originating in the Search Engine Results Pages are partially influenced by a number of factors not directly associated with web site content visible to humans through web browsers (eg. the on-page viewable content). These factors have to do with attributes associated with recognized authority or Domain Trust. For pay-per-click marketing these same factors are irrelevant as it amounts to paid advertising and is thus not dependent upon search engines for retrieval of results for a particular topic searched upon.

– It is preferable to have an Aged Domain. Domain age has to do with how many months a particular domain has been active and registered. It is good practice to move your domain expiration date out three to five years to indicate long-term commitment. An aged domain is a benefit to you versus newly registered domains.

– Having your domain registered by the same Domain Ownership Registrant over a longer period of time is a positive domain ranking factor versus the domain changing ownership.

– Link Popularity or Quantity of Back Links pointing to a given site is a necessary element to achieve top rankings. All things being equal, higher link popularity is better as long as the sources of the inbound links are legitimate.

Authority of the Back links Pointing to the Domain is also important. The link reputation or quality of the inbound linking websites to your business site should be examined for worthiness. Undesirable spam web page sources originating from Link Farms could get you site banned and therefore should be avoided in favor of higher quality linking partners such as pages with positive Google Page Rank (eg. PR2+).

Aged Hyperlinks are preferable to recently acquired links. Incoming links pointing continuously towards your site over long periods of time are of higher value to the domain they are pointing towards as compared with more recently acquired inbound links. In addition, large volumes of hyperlinks acquired at a rapid pace can raise red flags and be interpreted as unnatural and contrived. Therefore, try to build incoming links gradually and consistently from link partners’ sites that will permanently keep your link published.

Server statistics on shared hosting accounts should be monitored regularly to identify bad sites hosted on the same server as your site. If your business is hosted on an unstable file server from a web hosting company that does not contain other spam prone sites it can be a problem and impediment to achieve top competitive rankings. It is well worth your time invested to help identify other webmasters on your same shared server that are abusing their hosting privileges.

One hundred percent site up time performance is desired. Your site up time needs to be excellent from your web server in order to contribute towards positive domain ranking. If you’re web site constantly experiences daily downtime and is not rendering pages for display in search engines when people visit your site, it could prevent successful page indexing and crawling. In the worst case your site could be filtered out in search engine algorithms and end up in the supplemental results index due to server downtime issues. data helps identify useful site statistics. Examine the domain tool site to look for facts provided in this public look up domain tool database registry. This resource provides leading indications of legitimacy and overall worthiness such an SEO score tool. Problems with any particular domain could be identified with this useful resource site.

A diversified link profile is desired. Acquiring a wide variety of links from numerous legitimate sources leads to diversity which is better for domain trust and domain ranking. You do not want all of your inbound links originating from one type of source (eg. directories, blogs etc.) It is preferable to have your links not only indexed in the major search engines, but also indexed in other types of link sources such as blogs, social media marketing sites, paid and unpaid directories, article directories, profiles sites, local listings sites, the DMOZ directory, press releases, and public relations announcements distributions. Wider diversity leads to higher site visibility and search engine penetration.

A physical address prominently displayed on your site is a good idea. It is good search engine optimization practice to publish your physical address or business address on your site and attach a Google Maps page for authenticity. This can help your domain trust and certainly helps you in the local search results.

Publish lots of quality content pages versus filler pages. Large number of web pages that are published and indexed as legitimate content on the same web site should be your goal and helps with domain rank, versus a site that has only a few pages that are not well written, planned out, and organized for focus. The actual number of pages needed for high rankings will depend upon your query space overall competitiveness. Sites that have a high quantity of high quality pages that have achieved page rank will have higher domain trust which makes it easier to achieve rankings on newly published page content.

Internet protocol address or IP address status should be identified. Is your business web site published on a dedicated or shared IP address? Dedicated IP addresses are preferred due to increased stability and accountability.

Class C blocks should be noted. You want to attain a large variety of numerous Class C block IP addresses linking into your site, versus the majority of links coming from the exact same block or same server and host.

To compete for high search engine results pages (ie. SERP) rankings on competitive keywords, attention to a multitude of important details is necessary. The above small elements successfully implemented add up to a larger synergy and higher domain trust or domain rank, which is necessary for your web site to attain high rankings in search engine results pages and attract targeted visitors, search engine crawlers, and result in many ranked internal pages.
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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

We hear a lot about Search Engine Optimization or SEO these days. Most people not directly connected with the Internet, especially on the online marketing solutions side, have only a vague idea of what SEO is.

Search Engine Optimization is an important marketing strategy by which the visitors on the Internet are directed to a particular website to buy products or services.

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo!, Ask Jeeves etc play important roles in helping a website to direct buyers to its site. The major search engines use a variety of information to index and rank web pages so they appear when keywords or keyword phrases are searched.

Search Engine Optimization is not an easy task. It is the culmination of several distinct and different steps like link building, building link popularity, improving web page ranking and using well written content etc in a website.

Several key factors dictate the success of SEO. They are Content, Link Popularity, URL structures, Meta Tags etc.

Content is very important. Well-written, eminently readable content goes a long way in increasing your web page popularity. Content determines the relevancy of a page and the right key words used in the content brings up the webpage among the top 10 ,during a search. The general theory is that the more valuable content is to your users, the more valuable the content will be to your search engines. The key to writing good content is to concentrate on including the right key words and phrases. The Content should read as natural, hence do not cram the content with key words and phrases. Do not copy or duplicate content.

Link popularity is very essential for effective SEO. Use hyperlinks in the content judiciously. Link Exchange, Bookmarking of web pages etc are good strategies to improve your web page ranking and thereby build SEO.

URL Structures are significant. A page’s URL is critical for search engine optimization. Include keywords in your URL strings, and place the most important keywords at the beginning of the URL.
Meta Tags are a must. One should provide page titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords for each web page and consistently use your keywords effectively. The page title is to be placed at the top of the web page. If the page is indexed, the page title will appear first for your listing in the search engine’s search results. The meta description should consist of 20-30 words that describes what the page is about, and is presented below the page title in search engines’ search results. This helps search engines know what keywords to associate with your page. Provide 3-5 keywords that are directly relevant to the page you are optimizing.

Images must be judiciously placed in the web page. Similarly every web page should not be too rich in content. This make the web page consume a lot of time to load, testing the patience of the visitor.

Search Engine Optimization is all about sensible webpage construction. If you have got the basics right, then SEO will come on automatically.
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Can SEO Still Be Done Painlessly?

The SEO industry has experienced a sudden boom over the last few years, and we are in the thick of it at this exact moment. As this focus on SEO continues to build, the thoughts and strategies have become more intricate and involved. It is becoming ever more clear that the concept of a “basic website” is on its way out. This fact is making website designers and site optimizers wonder whether it is still possible to achieve overnight, painless SEO success these days, even though everybody else out there is making the same efforts?

When SEO first began, it seemed as though SEO was the magical key to the absolute best search engine ranking. And, for a while, it really was. All that was required was a list of keywords within the meta tags of a site, and there it would be at the top of the search lists at all major search engines and directories. And then, meta tags no longer counted, and doorway pages became the “thing”.

That didn’t last, leading next to links wherever they could be found. The more, the better. When links became important, web designers and web masters hurried to have link scripts built in to their sites and have directories of relevant categories. Most recently, this has changed to text link ads – paid links.

With all of these fads, Google was struggling to keep the “legitimate” efforts separate from the “SPAM” or manipulated sites. With paid links being overused, Google had to work overtime to filter out the manipulation of ranking. This is the primary reason that there is such a delay in the addition and indexing of new sites and brand new domains, even on this state-of-the-art, enormous search engine.

The problem that many sites face, though is that legitimate quality sites are sometimes being swept away in the catch-all fishnet being used by Google to filter out the “bad guys”. Webmasters who have poured months of time, and thousands of dollars into finding the ideal keywords for their sites, and then applying them with the best possible strategy going are now finding that their efforts were more of a fad than a long term investment.

However, their efforts were likely not entirely in vain. SEO does still work. It must be remembered, though, that it is not a matter of following one fad or another, but is instead a careful balance of the elements considered to be most important by Google and the other major search engines. It also means that a high ranking website will be one that is continuously updated to maintain its value in the eyes of the great Google.

Therefore, no longer is there any need for hours upon hours of time, and thousands upon thousands of dollars spent on attempting to fool search engines into giving you a good rank for the keyword phrases you think are most important to your site. Instead, work with an SEO specialist to find the keywords that actually have value to your site worked into your content. SEO isn’t just a matter of packing your content with the keyword you like best so that it looks like a bad form of keyword chicken pox. It is a delicate balance of keywords sprinkled at a certain ratio to the rest of your content’s text.

Furthermore, this content needs to be informative. Something that your visitors will value. This will increase your number of visitors, and, since this is one of the elements most valued by Google, this will help to increase and maintain your rank over time.

The point is that SEO can still be achieved rather painlessly and still be successful, as long as it is performed by someone who is aware of the latest important elements established by Google, and knows how to avoid getting caught in the filters. Your task, therefore, is no longer to spend a great deal of time and money on SEO, but to find someone who can assist, advise, and provide for you in a timely manner.

The results won’t happen overnight, nor will they even be seen within the first month, however will constant attention, they will be seen. Google has made it impossible to simply create a site that tops the ranks forever. But Google has not made it impossible to climb your rank and maintain a high status. Show them that you have a quality site that matters to the web users who make searches using certain words, and that these web users want to see your site, and Google will reward you with exactly what you want – the high ranking you need.

Copyright 2006 Mark Nenadic
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SEO Vs SEM – Who’s Your Daddy?

Since both techniques result in website traffic, the methods and goals are radically different, especially when considering where you site visitor came from and what they see when they arrive- the landing page. Now I know a lot of you may be thinking been there done that, what you didn’t know is SEO pages tend to be website home pages and very general in nature. On the other hand SEM landing pages are very specific and offer a greater level of control. But both are essential for most desirable conversions.

When designing and putting a site together for a client the landing page should have a specific goal in mind. The goal therefore is to push more specific quality traffic to the website through the search engine. However when you are looking for a targeted landing page, unlike the generic home page, it should be designed and relevant to what a user has just seen on the SERP (search engine results page) making good on the listing offer.

THE SEO Experience

Think about it in simpler terms lets say you go shopping at a department store, with a specific item in mind to buy- Lets say a bra (since I am female we always need new ones) You enter through the front door and notice every little thing on your way to the lingerie department. The sales, decorations, toys, maybe even a coffee shop on the way will catch your attention. If you are like me distractions will become strong enough to make you go blank and completely forget what you came in for in the first place, or you could ignore them until you reach your final destination in the lingerie department.

The landing page or “home” associated with organic listings isn’t going to be that different. The SEO landing pages have to cater to the browsing humans and search engines bots that are not set up to look for a particular item. Due to this your marketing focus is indirect at best.

On the other hand (this is where it become a 2 edged sword) the organic listing you will see is spewed out by algorithms (a procedure for solving a mathematical problem like finding the greatest common divisor in a finite number of steps that frequently involves repetition of an operation) are not going to be controlled by the retailers so easily. Most search engines will look at the home page first and rank it as the most important page based on the relevancy of the queries. This should encourage you to code your pages on broader terms, in order to gain a wider readership.

Basically organic landing pages are not driven by rates of conversion. The main goal here would be to get a higher ranking and much traffic. This is great if you just want traffic with no real customer quality. Come back tomorrow and I shall give you more information… Like the SEM of E-commerce experience.
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SEO Software – Should I Invest in SEO Elite?

Some perform SEO on their own and whereas others do outsource the SEO services to professional companies. This depends upon the personnel interests, knowledge of SEO and the time factor. If it is a single page website, then no doubt we can easily optimize the site for the search engines. But if it is multi page website, you need to have a professional SEO approach.

If you are really interested in the professional way of Search Engine Optimization, then SEO Elite is a must have SEO software. Instead of hiring the SEO services by the firms, one can professionally build a website and optimize it with SEO Software.

Due to the frequent changes in search engine algorithm, it is compelling the webmasters to opt a professional approach to Search Engine Optimization SEO. As the SEO companies charge hefty fees (ranging from few hundreds to thousands of dollars), financially it is not feasible to opt for them. Moreover they do charge a monthly maintenance apart from starting set up fees, so making a huge bill on small and medium webmasters.

Do not get let down with the negatives of the increasing SEO costs. You can professionally make your site search engine optimized with the SEO Elite SEO software. SEO Elite analyzes all your competitor back links and you too can start link building making your site equally competitive to get the top SERPs.

Apart from analyzing the back links, SEO Elite 4.0 Version helps you to submit the site and the articles to the various authentic directories to gain link popularity. You can even send a mail to your link partners so as to get a one way or reciprocal linking. With a single mouse click, you can check whether the link partners are still linking to you or not.

Moreover daily/weekly monitoring of the search engine rankings of your site for a particular keyword is now possible with SEO Elite 4.0 version. Not just Google, you can check the SERP in various search engines with a single click.

Surely, I’m very much thankful to Brad Callen for creating such awesome SEO Software. Implement the SEO link building techniques only with SEO Elite. This not only saves your time but also enhances your grip on the site to get top SERPs that too with a little investment. SEO Elite – Highly Recommended.
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Golf Investors – The New Avenue

Golf is known as a humbling game as many would say but there is many a face to the game than we normally get to see at a 9-par course or on television. There is more to Golf than the PGA tours. One of the new faces of the game is investment. Yes! Golf investment is coming of age. A decade back when the multi-ethnic, multi-talented uber-golfer arrived, it made of the greatest bull market pointer in history and laid the foundation for an investing heaven in Golf.

In 1997, Tiger Woods became a champion by winning his first Masters and that was a high point because it initiated higher sales of golf products. The impact was overwhelming as Golf suddenly became overtly popular especially with Armani starting a special line of golf apparels etc. In 1999, enter two new-to-the-market fund managers, Jeffrey and Ross Provence and we see the launch of the Value Trend Links Fund. It was an equity mutual fund that specialized in investments on sponsors of Golf tournaments and golf companies.

The golf industry over the last decade or so has been quite flat in spite of the fact that there are 30 million golfers in the US alone. One of the premier organizations related to Golf investments in America is the Golf Trust of America, which is a sort of self-administered REIT (real estate investment trust). They have most of their interests in upscale golf courses. But there are many Golf investment companies, who have closed their doors due to losses suffered. There are some success stories regarding Golf investors and investments and it is all about timing.

One such story revolves around Callaway Golf, which held the top spot in a bearish market and those who invested in the shares enjoyed an annual return of 20%. But five years back, the stocks fell.

This is mostly so because in spite of the Golf industry being comparatively big, investment options has not been good enough so far. But things are about to change and investors need to keep their eyes on the par and the ball. Restraint has to be exercised and investors need to be careful especially in the light of the fact that Golfing is an overbuilt marketplace that has been pulled down by an uncertain economy.

Golf investors have different options available, which could be investing in Golf training centers, Golf courses, shares, Golf Homes and mutual funds. You will have three options for Investment in Golf training centers and they include regional franchise, Area development agreement and Individual franchise. The investment amount can vary anywhere from $150,000 to $350,000. Investing in a Golf course is similar to real estate investments.

One of the major investment sector will still be the stock market & mutual funds. Let us take a look at the performance of some of the stocks. The main companies in mutual funds include Callaway, Fortune Brands, and Nike.

Adams Golf ADGO Annualized return: -59.80%

Ashworth ASHW Annualized return: -1.59%

Callaway Golf ELY Annualized return: 19.41%

Nike NKE Annualized return: 10.03%
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