Promoting Your Website – Ranking Your Business Online

If you’ve had your business for any length of time, then you know the importance of marketing. Besides sales, it is the most important thing that your company does as an entity to keep you profitable. In fact, sales could be said to rely on marketing in a very real sense. After all, if no one knows you exist or what you do, then you are losing business. It is a well-understood principle that if everyone is your market, then no one is. In other words, you need to select a smaller target on which to focus in order to get your message across.

This concept is known as niche marketing and it is especially important online where there is a lot of competing information. Your competitors in business are trying to establish themselves in the same way that you are. What makes your message more important or unique? Well, that is what you need to establish online. How do you go about doing this? Well, there are a variety of means, we will be discussing article marketing here as just one example.

Let us just use technology and computers as a category. If you have a specific product or service in this industry that you are promoting, you are in for some stiff competition online. So, what do you need to do to stand out and more importantly get your site to rise to the top of the search engines? One way is to provide more brief and sample examples of your site’s content and post this to various other sites online recognized for their ability to connect people searching for this information with your main site.

What these sites are called are article directories. They are a legitimate way to secure a good amount of traffic and links pointing to your site. In terms of the online world, how the search engines begin to trust you and rank you higher and higher is by the amount and quality of the links pointing to your site. By quality, think in terms of spam. These are sites that send out hundreds of thousands to millions of messages in an attempt to get their site ranked. Some ‘stick’ some don’t.

This is not what you want. The search engines do their best to eliminate these links if not the sites themselves from their index. What you want to do is have a good sample of information that can help your reader and point them in the direction of your site for more information. Over time, the other critical element to improving your rank, your site will be found to have more authority and will rank better in the search engines.
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How Important Are Backlinks For Ranking a Website?

It is well known in internet marketing circles, that if you want your website to rank highly in the search engines, you need external links. There is no conjecture to this. Google specifically states in its webmaster guidelines that the quality and quantity of external links pointing to your website, to a certain degree influences its rankings. No one can say the exact influence for sure, however most seo professionals agree that they are extremely important. Some seo suggest that the quality and quantity of external links account for between 80% – 90% of the total algorithm.

I do not work for Google, so I cannot be sure of the precise importance of external links. However I do know this much. If you do a search for the term “click here” in Google, you will see that Adobe Acrobat reader comes up as number 1. Now if you actually look at the source code of the page you will notice that adobe acrobat website does not have the phrase ‘click here’ anywhere on the page or where you’d expect to find it. After all conventional seo wisdom recommends that we put our chosen keywords in the title tag, keyword tag, description tag etc,etc. So you might be wondering how a page with no so called ‘on page’ optimisation can ranked number 1 for the term ‘click here’.

The answer is all down to backlinks. A small bit of research reveals that there are a colossal amount of websites (in the millions) with links pointing to adobe acrobat and likely a very high portion of those links contain the anchor text ‘click here’. With so many websites (some of which are extremely trusted and authoritative) linking to adobe acrobat with the phrase ‘click here’ it naturally ranks number.

The significance of this cannot be overlooked. We can confidently suggest that if you own a website and want to rank it highly for a particular keyword. All you need to do is get a large number of backlinks preferably from high quality sites with the anchor text your are targeting. Therefore I would suggest that backlinks are extremely important for search engine optimisation. How to get them, well that’s another article….
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5 Must Use Tools for Search Engine Optimization

Any search engine marketing company should be utilizing the latest technology to obtain the best possible results for any web business. Writing articles and submitting press releases online have been traffic generators for quite some time, yet some companies are not utilizing tried and true methods to obtain results for their customers. Blogs or weblogs have become common among internet businesses as a way of talking direct to customers, telling them news about your company, giving better explanations of your products and just about any other ideas you can come up with. There are new (and not so new) technologies online that any wise SEO company will be utilizing to generate traffic for their customers.

1. RSS, or real simple syndication feeds, are a very simple method of updating customers on your products or services as the updates are made. Through an RSS feed aggregator, or reader, your potential customers can receive updates immediately through an RSS feed. RSS Readers will update your customers as soon as you add new information. The information can be easily set up to show on their homepage or sites like Google.

2. Social BookMarking is becoming a very important aspect of search engine optimization. A social bookmarking site is very much like adding a website to your favorites. The difference is that a social bookmarking site lets you communicate your favorites with everyone else on the internet! This also leads to one-way links pointing to your website. The premier site for social bookmarking is, first you register and then you can begin social bookmarking. Our secret for the easiest social bookmarking is The Socializer. It is constantly updated to include the latest social bookmarking sites. It provides you with a code that you can use on your sites to automatically allow your customers to social bookmark your site! There is another tool that teaches you how to use social bookmarking to promote your website. It is called Tag and Ping, find it at

3. Webceo and IPB 9.0 are the best seo tools we have ever seen. Either of them will give you some major insight into the way search engines work. They assist you in analyzing your competition, choosing keywords, validate your site’s html and fix what is broken, submit to search engines and directories, check your rankings and more!

4. Google Sitemaps give the top dog of search engines a close look at your website. Instead of relying on the google robot to find every page of your site, your sitemap tells it exactly where to go. You can have your sitemap generated for you at any Google Sitemap Generator. Google analytics will tell you exactly what keywords people are using to find your site and which ones are getting clicked the most.

5. Our last, and possibly most important tool for search engine optimization is Roboform. This software remembers passwords and logins for many sites, but this is not the main use. We use Roboform for directory, article and press release submissions. This totally automates the process. All you do is enter your information and click a little button and it will fill in every bit of repetitious information in one second. This saves you a ton of time and allows you to get on with more important things, like customer service!

Search Engine Optimization is a huge part of online business, but a necessary one. Your goal should always be to offer your customers the best website in your industry. If you cannot put in the time to create the best website online, there are plenty of companies that would be willing to do it for you, just be cautious and work with a reputable company
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Using Professional Software Like Article Submitter to Increase Quick and Fast the Website Ranking

Search engines evolving each and every day for a better way to show the best quality results in the search engine results page – SERP – and it is absolutely critical do not fall into the trap of fail by following the fastest or the latest great methods for ranking highly in the search engines. Things that was used for some time in the past such as keyword stuffing, blog spamming, link cloaking, doorways etc. are definitely on the black list for Google, MSN or Yahoo, are not something that will last in the long run. So much methods will obtain as a website or blog to be banned for using these kind of techniques, or simply will not get ranked anywhere and all the time and efforts will be spent only in vain…

This is the unique method for a high ranking in search engines. In every niche of online business are other many legitimate ways to increase the website or blog visibility in search engines, to build a brand, a credibility in a particular niche, using quality tools, generating active leads to the own business, getting a name or a company in the front of lots of people from the entire world. For the main tool – a website/blog – there are some verified methods and principles that you need to do when optimizing a website or blog. For sure the most important part of a professional SEO method applied are to concentrate on getting quality one way quality backlinks.

It is essential to send a new website to as many websites with a high ranking, forums, directories, meme trackers, Social Bookmarking and many other the same sources possible. Of course there are the hard and the easy way… It can chooses to send manually to them, that is a long and tedious process, or it can pay someone to do it, but nobody will have nor a control about his activity… And it is very important to know exactly from where it will obtain these one way backlinks. Do not mention in the first case it is need of time to find as many free quality directories, forums, high rated websites etc…

An easy method is to use a professional software who will do all the hard work and time consuming for you. As an example, an Article Submitter Software allows you to submit an article which contain the link of a website or blog to over 800 directories and could save you an incredible amount of time. It is very simple to enter the article details into the software once and then to select the directories where you would like to submit it. Automatically this software will fill in all of the submission criteria for each of these directory and allow quickly to submit articles. Do not talk more about the most important aspect, it can be used as free tool for a long time, indeed an awesome high quality software.

Do not forget an essential thing: Page Rank is not the only way to factor link popularity into ranking algorithms, it is just one way. It is need to build step by step a brand, to become an authority in a particular niche, be always creative and visible, become a content provider, for one way quality backlinks it should be targeted the relevant category or topic for your niche, it might to be always oriented to create great quality content, use the right SEO techniques, keep a social connection, conferences – the possibilities are endless. Far away the bad methods who can destroy a brand or get a site like would be: spam in different forms, links farms, link partners without monitorize its, do not submit to FFA pages, stay out of “bad neighborhoods”, do not solicit sites that have nothing to do with your niche, keep your link directories clean of 404s or dead links. By using these rules the results will be huge in any niche of online business.
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SEO Hints and Tips and Free SEO Tools

Do you realize that if you manage your website, SEO tools, and pay-per-click tools, you can literally have as many leads as you want from your website? I assume that a website should convert approximately 5% of the viewers to doers, taking some kind of action that you want them to take. So, all we have to do is make sure the website does convert viewers to doers, and then we make sure we’ve got the right amount of traffic arriving at the website. All quite manageable. Today, we’re mainly talking about how to get the traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimization, SEO.

Here is a list of the best tools I’ve found to do SEO and a quick review of some of the top issues for SEO. Most of these tools are either free, or can be tried for free before buying

Most search engines are looking at your site to find relevant search words. How relevant determines your eventual search engine position.

How do they determine relevancy? Although every search engine has slightly different rules, here are some of the key ideas. Keep in mind, they could change tomorrow. Search engines are continually changing because just as soon as they determine how to find the relevant search words on your site, someone finds a way around their rules. Then search engines change the rules again.

A key word usually has to show up in each of the following areas of your site, with a density that falls within a range that search engine would like to see. They also like to see the words at a certain position in that area, usually at or near the beginning of these areas:

Areas search engines look at:

1)Meta tags (title, description, and keywords) (NOTE: I’m told that most search engines don’t consider meta tags any longer, but I keep seeing my keywords pop up from the meta tags).

2)Body text of the site


4)Alternate text behind the graphics

5)Links, and link text

How do you choose the right keywords?

Here’s a big warning: Consider what people are looking for, not who you are or what your product is. For me, I would rather be found for “small business help” than for my company name, The Leader’s Perspective. Obviously I want people to find me, if by chance they are looking for me by name, but just think about this:

Aren’t there more people in the world looking for “small business help” or “business help” than could possibly be looking for my name. Those looking for my company name are those that I have probably met personally and sent them to my site. That’s a small number, in comparison to the number of companies on the internet looking for help that don’t have any idea who I am….yet anyway. Here are some tools to find the right keywords. Google Keyword tool — (go to Google and look up Google Keyword tool) enter keyword(s), and Google will return the number of times that keyword was searched for in the last month. It will also show you other variances of that same keyword and the number of searches for each variance. Use this to brainstorm keywords. (NOTE: I’ve also discovered this is a VERY useful tool to use before sending out any kind of marketing. Find what people are looking for and then make sure those words show up in your marketing, AND in your website. Wordtracker is another decent tool. Now, this is an even better tool. This one contains a thesaurus as well, so it will show lots of other ways people have been searching for the keywords you’ve typed in. This tool also has a way of measuring the RIGHT keyword that is even better than Overture for Search engine optimization. Google reports the number of searches last month for that keyword, so you can find the words that have the greatest number of searches. However, Wordtracker, reports the greatest number of searches for the words with the LEAST competition. When you are doing SEO it won’t do you any good to go after the words that have been searched for the most if there are millions of competing sites. It’s just not likely that you COULD get a page 1 ranking among millions of sites. So, Wordtracker helps you find words that have been searched for ENOUGH to give you traffic, but at the same time have the least competition. They provide their own proprietary ranking that finds the best search words that you are likely to get a search engine position for. Just make sure that the words you end up with from that search actually are words that someone would be looking for to find you. Hint: I use Overture to find the greatest number of searches and use that for pay-per-clicks, and use Wordtracker to find the right search words for Search engine optimization. Here are some other useful tools. Tools that help you Learn Search Engine optimization while guiding you through the process. Internet Business Promoter will provide not only an analysis of many of the search engine sensitive stats, but will give you almost a step-by-step how to fix your site. Although this has ended up down the list, this is probably the number one greatest tool to learn search engine optimization. Link Popularity Search engines tend to give websites that have more external links from other websites pointing at them a higher search engine ranking. Here is a free tool to track your link popularity, and to check our competition as well.
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Search Engine Success – Secrets to Knowing How Many Links You Need to Get a Top 10 Ranking

Did you know that 90% of your success in getting and keeping highly competitive rankings in your market has to do with your ability to get the right backlinks? In this article I want to show you exactly how many you need and how to get them so you can dominate the search engines the right way.

Don’t Believe This Money Losing Myth:

A lot of people will still claim that you can just go out and get any site on the Internet to give you links and you should be okay.

The problem with this theory is that Google knows what is going on and they can tell where you are getting those links from.

So if you think you can just go out and get a bunch from sites that have nothing to do with you and still rank high – don’t do it as they will catch you and will not credit those links!

Here Is What You Need To Do:

You need to focus only on getting them from sites who are more popular then you in the search engines.

This is the best way to make this happen because these sites are related to you and they are more popular then yours. So when Google sees this they will know that your site should go higher because other sites in your market think it is good.

How Many Do You Need?

That is the big question isn’t it? If you are focused on getting the best sites to give you a link, then you only need about 100 or so to really start seeing results.

I have gotten high rankings for very competitive terms with only 25, but they were all from the best sites in the market.
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How to Make Your Website an Authority Site

Have you ever wondered why certain websites get extra coverage in Google in the search results? When there are extra links in the search results this is called an “authority site”. These sites are usually sites that have been online for quite some time, and have a lot of quality content. When you decide to make your website an authority site there are certain important aspects you should take care of. You have to clearly understand what is meant by an authority website and what the basic ingredients of authority site building process are. For instance one of the most important aspects of making your site an authority site is to get lots of unique quality content and have great link structure. Since the search engines will rank you on the basis of your content you should know how to build your content in your website.

You can make your website an authority site only with lots of hard work and planning. You must be trusted and your content must be very relevant and unique. You should also have a number of incoming links from other sites in the same niche with similar content from other established websites who have already acquired top search engine result positions with various search engines. In a nutshell, your site should be such that it would frequently referred and visited and highly trustworthy for the relevance of your particular content. When visitors will be willing to visit your website and others will refer cases to you having full confidence that they will get their desired authentic information from your site, you assume the authoritarian position on the web.

One of the most desired elements for creating authority website is to set up a carefully laid up plan with specific time line. You must regularly update the content on your website and they should never be stale or outdated. For this you will require a well designed strategy for content building and development. For instance if you can add around 20-25 link building articles and another 30-35 search engine optimization articles to your site in a quarter, it would be an ideal strategy for making your website an authority site. Both link building and search engine optimization are important for getting you the attention of search engines and obtaining desired page ranking on their result pages.

Thus it will be possible for you to design your website within a couple of quarters in such manner that it ranks on the search engine result pages for multiple terminologies as well as for specific competitive keywords. You have to be careful about your contents, composition, and the site architecture as well as the methods for getting the full benefits or all these factors.

While page ranking is important in its own way, it does not mean that you should necessarily have page ranking to become the authority website. Page ranking is a result of the on and off page optimization. If you can provide useful contents liked by the viewers, most part of your task is automatically accomplished. Those who visit your site will be coming back to you irrespective of your page ranking and new visitors will also visit you if the contents are relevant to their search. With useful contents, each word on your web pages could carry valuable links. They would turn out to be keywords and those searching for contents with such keywords will automatically be redirected to your web pages.

Major factors having impact in making authority site is the domain age and your tactical moves as well as the scope and range of your contents. You should also avoid the common mistakes committed by webmasters. Avoid having frames on your pages and never give useless or irrelevant titles. Avoid huge pages, gaudy colors; outdate contents, and multiple flash designs to save bandwidth. Contents should be balanced and navigation should be easy and facile so that the user is not irritated, has pleasant experience with your site and like to revisit it time and again.
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Search Engine Optimization – SEO?

The official Wikipedia definition from their webpage is:

Search engine optimization SEO is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” “organic” or “algorithmic” search results for targeted keywords.

Information directly from Wikipedia.

So what is Search engine optimization SEO?

What is a Search Engine Optimization SEO and what does it do, and do the top search engines recommend working with SEOs or do they recommend you doing it your self? I contacted Google and asked that question myself. What costumer support says is you can do the same things that the big SEO companies are doing for 100’s of dollars, for just a little time on the computer by doing the same thing they are doing. They are putting your information, via a bot, and submitting the information for you. Companies that offer the optimization say they are making your site Google – friendly? They are also saying that they can guarantee a top 10 listing and that is so far from true. No one can guarantee a number 1 ranking on Google or any other major search engine. Several of the SEO companies, agencies, and consultants do provide great services for website owners. They will give you advice on how your site should be set up and help you find good and the right directories that your site should or can be submitted to. However, some of the few unethical SEOs have given the SEO and internet optimization industry a really bad black eye. Some of these SEO companies are very aggressive with most of their marketing strategies. That is why they are in the business to sell you more. If you do not know how to do the service your self then they have you by the nose. They will try anything to get you to spend more money on another portion of their business all for the great dollar. They may offer you other items that may or may not help your site at all. If you are not careful they will have you believe you have a lot better listing by manipulating search engine results, by sending you to a false page.

Does Google work with SEO’S?

Google does not have working relationships with SEO’s and does not offer any recommendations. I do have a few tips that may help you decide or determine for your self between a SEO that will help you improve your page or site and one that will only make your chances of being taken out of the listings from most of the major search engine results altogether. Wow now that would not be good would it. You had better beware of SEOs that claim they can get you a guaranteed ranking. There are some that allege that they have a “special relationship” with Google, Yahoo, or any other major search engine, or will show you or tell you they have a “priority submit” to Google. There is absolutely no priority submitting for Google. The only way you can submit a webpage or site whatever you want to call it is to go to Google directly and use their add url page or submit page and do it manually, or you can go through the webmaster tools in the settings page and you can do this yourself at no cost at all. You can purchase software all over the internet and use the same bot they use and do it a little faster.

Make sure that you are protected financially and legally bound.

Do not be scared or afraid to ask to get your money back if you are not satisfied with your Search Engine Optimizations SEO performance. Be sure to have all of the information in writing that will include the price they are charging you and what they are going to do for you. Make sure the contract also requires the SEO to stay within your guidelines in which you and the company have discussed for your site or sites to be included in the major search engines nation wide or even world wide which ever you prefer. If in doubt be sure to say no thanks and walk away or hit the X in the top right corner and do not hit send on your credit card information.

Do some of your own investigating on the SEO you are looking into using if that is what you decide to do. Her are a few things to check on:

Do they own any shadow domains? Do they offer their links to other listings or door pages? Do they try to sell you keywords to put in your address bar? That they do not distinguish between search results and ads? Do they operate with different aliases? Do they get traffic from spy ware, ad ware, scum ware, or any other kind of malicious acts? Have they had domains taken out of the Google, Yahoo, or other major search engines?

Her are some facts that will help you do the optimization your self.

#1: Having a TITLE and having correct META Tags is one of the most basic starting places for you to work on for basic steps toward SEO or search engine optimization. This will help, but it is usually not enough to help with your web site rankings in Google, Yahoo, or other search engines. You can get the software the professionals use for accuracy.

#2: It is a fact that if you are not on the first page of any search page then 62of the traffic will not even find your listing.

#3: It is your choice, you can optimize your site your self or you can pay 100’s of dollars and have the professionals do it for you.

#4: If you want maximum search engine exposure for your all Web sites and pages you need a Scrub the Web SEO Membership. These are the tools the pro’s use!
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Myths Debunked 2009

The world of Organic SEO is unfortunately littered with fly-by-night companies, self-proclaimed “SEO Experts” with no qualifications, and enough myths and urban legends to make your head spin!

SEO is an inexact science primarily because of the secrecy of the algorithms the major search engines utilize to determine where your site “ranks” for specific search terms. The SE algorithms are not simple mathematical formulas, but actually take into account hundreds of factors, some you can control – others you cannot, which will ultimately determine where your website will appear in the search engine results (SERPS) The rules can change weekly or sometimes daily!

I have assisted several clients already this year who are being deceived or mislead by “SEO Experts”, and wanted to write what I feel are the most prevalent myths and out-dated practices still being promoted by companies you should be avoiding.

Myth #1, The Keyword Meta Tag:
In the early days of optimization (pre-Google) search engines used this hidden tag to determine what the topic of your website was. Because of rampant abuse, this tag has been all but ignored by the major search engines for years now. Only Yahoo gives it some (minor) weight, but Google has never put any value on the information in this tag. While it generally has not been shown to hurt your rankings, wasting time and money on this tag will not help you in any way.

Myth #2, Keyword Density
Some SEO companies will market their expertise at calculating the proper “density” for each of your keywords to obtain top rankings. Keyword density refers to the ratio of text-to-keywords in the content of a page.

In my opinion is this is nothing but a marketing ploy, and many industry experts agree. In the last 4 years, nothing new has changed this, but some companies continue to try and impress clients with this nonsense.

While your content should include your most important keywords and phrases, there is absolutely no evidence that any search engine gives preference to a certain ratio. If this was the case, sites with only 1-2 paragraphs of content on their home page would never rank well, but I can show you examples of such sites with #1 rankings.

Myth #3 Hidden Text Keyword Stuffing
Some website owners and SEO companies will place keywords inside a hidden “comment tag” in order to improve rankings for those keywords. No search engine has ever been known to consider comment tags when crawling a site. In fact, comment tags are intended to be invisible to all but the site developer and are invisible to search bots. If you are dealing with a company using this tactic, run!

Myth #4, Google Partners and Guaranteed Rankings
Avoid companies claiming to have a special partnership with Google. There is no such thing as a “preferred” relationship with Google and they state in their SEO consumers guide “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submission” to Google.”

Also be wary of companies claiming to be Google SEO Certified. There are several certifications offered by Google, including the GAQI (Google Analytics Qualification Individual) and GAAC (Google Analytics Authorized Consultant). There are similar certifications for Google AdWords, but there is no Google training or certification specific to SEO.

Myth #5, Doorway Pages
Some SEO companies will sell the idea of increasing your ranking by creating hundreds of single-page websites containing only keywords and linking them to your site from numerous other domains. An even older practice is to create hundreds of pages on your own domain loaded with keywords and clearly intended only for search engine crawlers.

Both of these practices are considered spamming by all major search engines and a sure way to get either penalized or banned completely from their listings. Pages containing properly written and optimized content intended for human readers will get listed and increase your search engine visibility much quicker than doorway pages ever could.

These are only my Top 5 myths or misleading practices that you should be aware of, and may encounter when shopping for an Optimization Company. There are countless more and next week I will publish numbers 5-10, which will ‘bust’ SEO Myths surrounding Flash, duplicate content, highlighted text and more.
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What Are the 7 Specific Areas of Site Building Necessary to Reach the Elusive Top 10 Rankings?

Quality Small Business Software Solutions are absolutely essential to start a Small Business and be able to Work from Home successfully with a Small Business Plan. Every website, it doesn’t matter if it is being created to sell a product, a service or to promote to a specific niche market, must address each of several elements of site design and structure.

To do this successfully, the only effective way to start a Small Business is to use Small Business Software designed for each element of the site. Herein lies the problem, the internet is overloaded with software, all claiming to be the best there is that you must have.

There are many excellent pieces of software that do exactly what they claim, and many that well…don’t, in fact, thousands. This creates a dilemma for inexperienced site builders and first-timers with the desire and motivation to Work from Home.

But, how do you know which ones to start with? How many do you really need?

Using the wrong advice and/or software in even one of these segments can and usually will, have disastrous results.

During our ten years online creating web business sites for Newbies and veterans, we have bought, tried, tested and trashed dozens upon dozens of so called must-have software. You just don’t need all that stuff!

The following are the specific areas of site building and marketing that must be addressed to have any hope of attaining the elusive Search Engine Top 10 rankings.

Website Builders/Guides Search Engine Optimization Software Linking Tools Keyword Suggestion Tools Internet Marketing Tools Guru Courses worth using Mentors

The venture into the world of Small Business to Work from Home Internet Marketing can be a thrilling, satisfying way to make a very good living if done properly using honest Reviews of the correct Small Business Software Solutions, and an effective Small Business Plan.
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